Childhood Education Trends You Should be Aware of

19 December 2017
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Scholars, researchers and even lawmakers are placing more emphasis on childhood education practices. These various stakeholders have understood that childhood education offers long-lasting benefits to all children and puts them on the path towards career-long success. Improving childhood education standards also decreases the gap between education in low-income and high-income areas, which levels the playing field for all children from an early age. It is therefore important to be aware of the upcoming trends that are being experienced in the childhood education sector. Read More …

How partnerships with parents can deliver the best childhood education

12 December 2017
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Education is the key to a successful future for every child. Getting those first years of childhood education right will make a vital difference and provide children with the foundation they need to progress through the education system. A strong foundation is essential as they expand their knowledge and develop the skills they will use throughout their lives. What does early childhood education look like? In Australia, education begins with the early childhood education sector, sometimes called preschool, and then compulsory education starts at age 5 or 6 with primary education. Read More …

It’s Never Too Early For Early Learning: Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

4 December 2017
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As your child prepares for their very first school experience, you might be a bit concerned about whether they're ready. You can make sure that your child's well prepared for their preschool experience by implementing a few simple changes in your routine. Here are the best tips for prepping your child for early learning at their preschool. Timing the Transitions When your child begins their schooling, they'll have a different routine than they did at home. Read More …

Beginner Tips for Defensive Driving Training in Heavy Commercial Vehicles

27 November 2017
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As a commercial vehicle driver, you should anticipate incidents that might be out of your control. For instance, adverse driving conditions such as poor lighting, road condition, and harsh weather coupled with wrong actions of other road users can lead to accidents. Heavy truck training helps you to prevent such crashes. Therefore, drivers need to take precaution to avoid collisions even if they are not legally responsible. Such a move not only saves lives, but it also averts damage to property. Read More …

What to Expect During Confined Space Training

13 November 2017
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Confined space training came about as a result of the many health and safety regulations in place in Australia. By definition, a 'confined space' is an enclosed space that is not safe for people to work in due to the lack of ventilation. This can create a dangerous environment to work in, and unfortunately, fatal accidents in confined spaces have been common. Training is of paramount importance for anyone operating in a confined space, whether they function as a supervisor, manager, or worker. Read More …

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