Childhood Education Trends You Should be Aware of

Childhood Education Trends You Should be Aware of

19 December 2017
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Scholars, researchers and even lawmakers are placing more emphasis on childhood education practices. These various stakeholders have understood that childhood education offers long-lasting benefits to all children and puts them on the path towards career-long success.

Improving childhood education standards also decreases the gap between education in low-income and high-income areas, which levels the playing field for all children from an early age.

It is therefore important to be aware of the upcoming trends that are being experienced in the childhood education sector.

Use of technology in the classroom

As technology continues to permeate multiple areas of our daily lives, the classroom has not been left behind. Educators are finding that many learning resources are now manifesting themselves in the form of technology.

In order for children to remain informed, capable and motivated, it is becoming necessary to incorporate technology in the classroom. Children are learning how to use devices such as tablets and laptop computers from an early age.

Assessing the strengths/weaknesses of young learners

Childhood education aims at becoming more specific in its objectives. This means identifying the strengths and weakness of students so that emphasis can be placed on correcting their weak points and nurturing their strengths.

Towards this end, more assessments are being done in elementary and even childcare environments to determine where children stand in various areas of knowledge. Assessment and guidance from a young age can enable young learners to become better overall students.

Industry growth in childhood education

The childhood education sector continues to rise in popularity, both in Australia and around the world. This is because parents are beginning to realize the importance of childhood education programs that can enable their children to develop critical skills from a young age.

The growth has also fueled more opportunities for childhood educators in schools and other learning institutions. Currently, there is demand for teachers in preschools and caregivers in daycare centers.

Minimizing gaps in achievement

In recent times, the Australian childhood education sector has been steadily focusing on minimizing the gaps in performance and dropout rates across various socio-economic groups. For a long time, children from better economic backgrounds have outperformed their counterparts from low-income families.

The goalis to identify the struggles that students from low-income areas face and to implement initiatives that will minimize this achievement gap. The childhood education sector in Australia aims to level the playing field among all children and to promote healthy competition.

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