3 Popular Training Courses For Office Staff

3 Popular Training Courses For Office Staff

24 April 2018
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If you operate a business, you may be wondering about the different training courses which are available. Sending your staff away on a training course is a great way to increase their confidence and skills. Below is a guide to 3 popular safety training courses you may wish to make available to your staff.

First aid training

First aid training will provide your staff members with the skills they need to offer assistance to people who are injured or unwell. While first aid training will not turn your staff into medical professionals, it will give them the basic knowledge they need to deal with problems such as broken bones, cuts, electrocution and heart attacks. Your staff will learn how to place someone in the recovery position, how to perform CPR and how to apply slings and bandages to injuries. First aid training can normally be completed in a short period of time, which means that those who take part will feel an instant sense of accomplishment.

Fire marshal training

Unfortunately, any office building can be affected by a fire. While modern building materials and design features such as wide corridors, fire exit signs and emergency lighting all help to increase the chance that your staff will safely escape from a blaze, it is always best to have a trained individual on hand who can offer advice and assistance as they oversee an evacuation. Fire marshal training will give a staff member the skills they need to assess situations which involve possible fires and the knowledge of how to safely evacuate a building. Typically, a fire marshal will make sure that the alarm has been sounded and that people are exiting the building. They will then wait at the muster point, where they will carry out a roll call. This will help to establish if anyone is left in the building.

Risk assessment courses

A risk assessment course will give your staff the skills they need to assess the different types of risks which exist in a certain environment or which arise during the execution of a certain activity. Learning to assess risk will allow your team to plan strategies which can mitigate the different factors which could create a hazard. A risk assessment will also protect you against accident and injury claims, as you will be able to demonstrate that you took precautions to protect your workforce.

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