It's Never Too Early For Early Learning: Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

It's Never Too Early For Early Learning: Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

4 December 2017
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As your child prepares for their very first school experience, you might be a bit concerned about whether they're ready. You can make sure that your child's well prepared for their preschool experience by implementing a few simple changes in your routine. Here are the best tips for prepping your child for early learning at their preschool.

Timing the Transitions

When your child begins their schooling, they'll have a different routine than they did at home. Whilst most preschools emphasise learning through play, there are still schedules to follow. The transitions between activities like play time, nap time, story time, and snack time might be a challenging adjustment -- but you can make it easier if you begin early at home.

Establish a regular routine in which your child learns that there are specific times for each activity during the day. The schedule need not be the same from day to day, as long as you adhere to some type of schedule. As you transition from one activity to the next, give your child a five-minute warning to help in their adjustment. Whilst they might initially be reluctant to move on to the next activity, they'll soon learn that  transitions among activities are a normal part of the day.

Learning to Love Languages

Australia is strongly dedicated to early language education, with the Early Learning Languages Australia now implemented in more than 1,800 preschools throughout the country. As your little one prepares for their first school, why not get an early start on the language they'll be learning? Speak to your child's future preschool or child care centre about which language they focus on, and then start the learning at home.

Something as simple as teaching the words for common objects or teaching how to count from one to ten in the new language can help your child adapt to their schooling even better when the time comes. You might even brush up on your own foreign language skills whilst you're helping your child!

Encouraging Early Learning -- the Fun Way

Children tend to be reluctant about learning if it's presented as a tiresome or boring task. For this reason, child care centres and preschools often use a sneaky but effective approach of learning through play. Your child's natural curiosity will lead them into a variety of situations, from making mud sculptures to chasing after animals. 

Allow that natural curiosity to lead into an organic learning experience. For example, if your child shows an interest in a wild animal or an insect whilst outdoors, choose a book featuring that creature for the next story time. You'll be surprised where your child's naturally inquisitive brain might lead you -- and you might even learn some fascinating new things yourself! Because most preschools focus on exactly this type of play-led learning, your child will be quite well prepared if you start it at home.

With a parent like you, your child will be quite well prepared for their learning journey. Enjoy this time of early learning and fun with your little one!

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