Encouraging a Love of Reading with a Competitive Element: The Benefits of the Readathon

15 August 2018
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There are some books that can literally encourage an entire generation to fall in love with reading. As far as parents, caregivers and educators would hope, this could be the starting point that will allow a young person to embark upon a lifelong love affair with the written word. It's really all about discovering the first book that is suitably engaging and fun to read. The enjoyable nature of reading can take on a fun and competitive element with a readathon, which is an ideal way for a school or community group to raise funds while promoting literacy and encouraging the ongoing love of books. Read More …

3 Popular Training Courses For Office Staff

24 April 2018
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If you operate a business, you may be wondering about the different training courses which are available. Sending your staff away on a training course is a great way to increase their confidence and skills. Below is a guide to 3 popular safety training courses you may wish to make available to your staff. First aid training First aid training will provide your staff members with the skills they need to offer assistance to people who are injured or unwell. Read More …

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